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AmiKit XE 11.7.0 (October 2021) - Update for RaspBerry Pi4/Pi400 508

A Sweet Autumn Update of AmiKit for Raspberry Pi is here increasing performance and security as well delivering a bunch of program updates. Enjoy!
It also includes 3 songs in memory of Paul van der Valk.



- ADDED:      host-multiview 1.0 by Dimitris Panokostas. It allows you to open Amiga files with default Linux app!
- UPDATED:  ADiffView 2.0 by Uwe Rosner (with a code from M.Hertel)
- UPDATED:  AmiSSL 4.10 by AmiSSL Open Soure Team
- UPDATED:  HippoPlayer 2.47 by Kari-Pekka Koljonen
- UPDATED:  Infinite Module Player (IMP) 3.28 by Pawel Nowak
- UPDATED:  JFIFdt44 44.15 by Henryk Richter and Gunther Nikl
- UPDATED:  MCC_BetterString 11.36 Open Source Team
- UPDATED:  MCC_NList 0.127 by Open Source Team
- UPDATED:  MCC_TextEditor 15.56 by Open Source Team
- UPDATED:  MCC_TheBar 26.22 by Open Source Team
- UPDATED:  RapaGUI 2.0 Hollywood Plugin by Andreas Falkenhahn
- UPDATED:  SnoopDos 3.11 by Eddy Carroll, Thomas Richter et al.
- UPDATED:  UnRAR 6.02 by Alexander Roshal, Amiga port by Marcin Labenski
- UPDATED:  VirusZ 1.04Ăź by Georg Wittmann
- UPDATED:  xvs.library 33.44 by Georg Wittmann
- FIXED: Initialising of YAM theme works now
- FIXED: If you're experiencing sound glitches, in new Amiberry increase the sound buffer to 8


- UPDATED:  Amiberry 4.1.5 by Dimitris Panokostas, the emulation engine of AmiKit, now with MANY bugfixes and increased performance including Fast Copper too!
- UPDATED:  Game Controller and WHDLoad databases
- UPDATED:  Linux updates (included with new image only; for existing installation simply run "Update Linux" from start menu)

Last but not least, we've added 3 music tracks in memory of Paul van der Valk who recently passed away. He was the author of Medley Sound Editor and Future Player as well as the superb Imploder themes. Hear his truly unique sound thanks to updated HippoPlayer which supports his music format now (as the only player out there!).
Simply launch HippoPlayer, press the Play button and choose a song from the PaulVanDerValk folder. Just keep in mind that one Medley song includes multiple subsongs! For example, Imploder4 includes nine subsongs while the main tune is the very last one :) Same for the Combat song. Use the >| button to play the next subsong (or just press the Right Arrow key).
Oh, and we've added Medley DOpus filetype, so you can simply double-click any .mso music file to play it instantly :)

Special thanks to Dimitris Panokostas, Philipp Lonke, Dwight Bonney, Keith Matthews, Krzysztof Radzikowski, Epsilon, DesertBlizzard, Robert Downs and others who helped us with this update!

For support or bugreport please visit our Support Forum or get in touch via Discord

papiosaurpapiosaur Published on : Mardi, octobre 05 @ 17:37:14