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Picasso96 3.0 available

samedi, octobre 31 @ 17:51:46

Topic: Logiciel

An updated version of Picasso96 v3.0 drivers was released by Individual Computers, which acquired their development and distribution rights a few years ago. This new upgrade brings some very important changes, such as screen capture. This new version was announced during AmiWest 2020 by Jens Schoenfeld himself. For those who do not know what Picasso96 drivers are, this is software that allows you to use graphics cards in your Amiga, whether it is real or a simulation, such as through WinUAE. So it allows you to have large resolutions with true color (16bit/24bit/32bit). A newer and more advanced version is also available in AmigaOS 4. It is compatible with AmigaOS 3.1, 3.5, 3.9 and

The following additions have been made to the new version:

- added screen capture capability
- drivers for CyberVision have been added
- compatibility with Warp3D API added

The new version is available for free to those who have purchased Picasso96 from Individual Computers in the last 12 months, and can download the file again from their account by logging in to the official site of the company. If you have not purchased the previous versions, you could do from the official iComp site very soon. You will find more information on the company's wiki.

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