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IBrowse 2.5 available

vendredi, août 30 @ 22:20:30

Topic: Logiciel

Oliver Roberts and the IBrowse Team are pleased to announce the immediate release of IBrowse 2.5 for AmigaOS 3.x and 4.x. After many years in the making, development has been on a roller coaster since IBrowse 2.4, with challenging personal, technical and commercial issues complicating the release schedule. However, we are extremely happy to finally make this new version available to all the valued users who have been waiting so patiently.

IBrowse 2.5 fixes many bugs, making it the most stable and fastest version yet, but more importantly brings modern SSL/TLS support and a fully native AmigaOS 4.x build. Below is a very brief summary of the key changes since version 2.4.

Download Demo version on Amiga-Storage.

To purchase the full version, please visit (special discounted upgrades available to registered users of IBrowse 2.x and 1.x).

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