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AmiKit XE 11.7.1 Live Update for Raspberry Pi released!

dimanche, novembre 14 @ 08:28:01

Topic: Logiciel

A new 'Live update' for AmiKit has just been made available.

Here is the list of new features:

- Updated: AmiSSL 4.11 by the AmiSSL Open Soure Team
- Updated: guigfx.library 20.1 (FPU) by Timm S. Mueller
- Updated: HippoPlayer 2.48 by Kari-Pekka Koljonen
- Updated: Infinite Music Player 3.353 by Pawel Nowak
- Updated: MysticView 1.07 by Timm S. Mueller
- Updated: RapaGUI 2.1 Hollywood Plugin by Andreas Falkenhahn
- Updated: xvs.library 33.44 by Georg Wittmann
- Fixed: HippoPlayer now uses AHI mode by default (if enabled)
- Fixed: Workaround for automatic update of Infinite Music Player: AmiKit will always launch the most recent version now


- Update: Amiberry 4.1.6 by Dimitris Panokostas

Special thanks to Philipp Lonke, Dimitris Panokostas and others who contributed to this update!

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