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X-bEnCh 1.2 by Jim Neray

dimanche, d├ęcembre 26 @ 07:52:31

Topic: Jeux

Jim Neray has just released a new version of X-bEnCh.

With 640 colors on screen with AGA (128 with OCS/ECS), this Frontend can autoscan your hard-drive to find all your whdload games or your .exe and organize them in launching listings. X-bEnCh can also manage manuals listings and have an internal script system, the X-bEnCh Scripts (For non whdload games for exemple). It require very few ressouces and is compatible with all Amiga setups. X-bEnCh also have an integrated CLI fully compatible with the Workbench CLI features and a Files/Dirs Manager (X-pl0rEr).

Visit the dedicated webpage.

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