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ROTATOR soon available

vendredi, octobre 25 @ 21:54:19

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Psytronik Software is proud to present ROTATOR, a previously unreleased arcade game for Amiga. Take control of your ROTATOR craft and carefully manoeuvre it through the varied challenging landscapes collecting diamonds whilst trying to stay above the ever-rising flood level!

ROTATOR will soon be available to order in a superb Collector's Edition Box Set. The specially produced deluxe glossy box will feature artwork printed on all sides. The box will contain the following items:

• ROTATOR game on 2 x 3.5" disks presented with vinyl disk labels.
• Glossy instruction manual.
• Glossy art card.
• Badge.
• Stickers.
• Keyring.
• Hypergloss poster.

• 64 colours on screen
• 8 worlds to explore
• 80 fiendish levels
• Multiple choices of levels to attempt
• Automatic replay of your last attempt, letting you jump into the game before your death
• Collect all the diamonds to open the exit portal
• Rising flood water fills each level
• Doors, force fields, spikes and other traps
• Hard drive installable
• Playable on a A500+/A600/Later
• Save game option to store your progress

Concept, design, programming & music by Timothy Jon Gilbert
Level design by Timothy Gilbert & Shaun Watters
Playtesting by Shaun Watters, Daniel Smith & Nick Gilbert
Cover artwork by Trevor 'Smila' Storey
Additional packaging elements by Kenz
This game was coded using the Amos development system
A Midnight Banana Production

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