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Picasso96 2.4.4 available

samedi, d├ęcembre 28 @ 21:52:46

Topic: Logiciel

The new Picasso96 version corrects an error when clearing the screen, which showed for example with the program Pagestream when used on a true-colour screen. The Update is free for all customers who have purchased Picasso96 in the past 12 months from us. Downloading the file again from the order history of the user account will deliver the new archive.

Unfortunately, we still have to point out that Cloanto does false advertising for their emulation product, despite a personal promise of the business owner. Buying a Cloanto product never includes a P96 license. If you believed to also purchase a Picasso96 license with the purchase of a Cloanto product, we believe that you can return it for a refund due to a severe legal shortcoming of the product.

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