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Development Package 1.1 for AmigaOS available

A new version of the AmiKit Development Package 1.1 for AmigaOS released.

This is a bundle that includes a collection of tools, environments and examples for programming on the Amiga.

The bundle is designed to be portable, so there's no special installation needed.
Simply extract the LZX archive in any location you wish.

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RapaGUI 2.0 released

After almost 4 years of development Airsoft Softwair, the hardest working men in code business, are proud to announce the long awaited release of RapaGUI 2.0. RapaGUI is the cross-platform GUI toolkit for Hollywood that allows you to create GUIs with native widgets for AmigaOS, Windows, macOS, Linux, and Android. GUI layouts in RapaGUI are conveniently defined in XML files which are then converted into full-blown GUIs by RapaGUI on-the-fly. It just doesn't get any easier!

RapaGUI 2.0 is a major update with lots of new features, improvements and bug fixes.

Here is a non-exhaustive list of new features in RapaGUI 2.0:

  • Support for Android!
  • High-DPI monitors are now supported
  • Support for GTK3 on Linux
  • Core event handler completely rewritten
  • Convenient internationalization (i18n) support
  • Inter-process communication is now supported
  • Online help support
  • Dark mode support
  • Different fonts and font styles are now supported
  • New Splitter, Finddialog and Hyperlink classes
  • Many new features for existing classes
  • Support for several new Hollywood 9 features
  • Several new examples
  • Over 50 pages of new documentation
  • Lots of other improvements and bug fixes


RapaGUI 2.0 is now available for free download from the official Hollywood portal. Thanks to Hollywood's cross-platform plugin system versions for AmigaOS3 (m68k), AmigaOS 4, MorphOS, Linux (ppc, arm, x86, x64), macOS (ppc, x64) and Windows (x86, x64) are provided. RapaGUI comes with almost 350 pages of documentation in various formats like PDF, HTML, AmigaGuide, and CHM that describe the GUI programming basics in detail and provide a convenient function and class reference.

Note that Hollywood 9 is strictly required by RapaGUI 2.0. It won't work with older Hollywood versions. Also note that there are a few minor incompatibilities between RapaGUI 2.0 and 1.x so it might be necessary to adapt your scripts. See the documentation for details.

This release was brought to you by Airsoft Softwair - the hardest working men in code business.



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ALS - AMOS Layers System 2.0 by saimo

Simone 'saimo' Bevilacqua has just updated ALS for AMOS Layers System, as it turns the screens of AMOS Professional into layers that can be laid over one another, with complete control of order, colors and opaqueness, while keeping them renderable as usual.
It is easy, requires little knowledge of the Amiga graphics hardware, does not need installation, does not depend on third-party extensions and comes as a collection of variables, arrays and procedures written in fully commented AMOS code - it can be thought of as an AMOS source-level library.

Watch a video.

Visit the official website.

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P96 3.1.0 released

The new version of P96 (old Picasso96) is now available for download to all existing and new customers - just re-download the file from the order history of your user account. New customers should make a user account and log in, as download products are only visible to logged-in visitors.

This version keeps the Amiga-chipset active, even if the focus is on an RTG screen. This gives the appearance of a multi-monitor system, although it is not possible to move windows from one screen to another, like you may know it from more modern systems. To keep the Amiga-screen active, please set tooltype "DISPLAYCHAIN" to "No".

The Pixel64 driver has been fixed: Older drivers from "random" sources of the internet didn't reserve enough memory for sprites, trashing the mouse pointer, This corrected driver now uses the ateobus.library if it's present - but the driver will also work without this library.

The CV643D driver has been completely overhauled. This fixes display artefacts in high resolutions, enables all modes in Z-II mode, enables again a 24-bit BGR mode (though no screen dragging there), includes support for a new(!) planar mode, fixes the line drawer, the memory window support, border blanking, allows chip interrupts also in Zorro-II mode and many many other fixes.

This new version contains a slightly reworked CVIsionPPC driver that fixes minor clipping issues of its accelerated line drawer.

The complete list of changes is available in this dedicated forum.

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PerCIMan 0.7.3 by Ulrich Becker

Ulrich Beckers has just released a new version of PerCIMan, a news soft allowing to manage your contacts and others information as adresses (private, job, etc...), mail and web/social media contact, birthday, picture file.

Visit dedicated webpage on Amiga-Storage.

Visit Ulrich Beckers website.

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REDPILL 0.8.12 the Amiga game creator

REDPILL is a tool to empower people to create many games for Amiga without programming knowledge. Easy to use and at the same time allow to do complex things. Allows people to create 2D games with the true Amiga feeling! Supports both ECS and AGA Amigas, it is free and it is still in development.

Visit dedicated webpage on Amiga-Storage.

Visit official webpage.

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Icon.library 46.4.545 available

Peter Keunecke has just released a new version of icon.library. This library has been written completely in optimized ASM code with IconBeFast 2 already built in. It works much faster
now and is also a lot smaller than the original icon.library.

Visit the dedicated webpage on Amiga-Storage.

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HippoPlayer 2.46b by Kari-Pekka Koljonen

After 21 years, Kari-Pekka Koljonen comeback and update his famous music module player HippoPlayer.

Visit the dedicated webpage on Amiga-Storage.

Visit the dedicated webpage on GitHub.

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Los Chinos 3.51 by Templario

Juan Carlos 'Templario' Herran Martin has just released an update of LosChinos, a spanish classic game where you must know the total number of fingers show by you and your opponent.

This game has been realized with the programming language Hollywood.

Visit dedicated webpage on Amiga-Storage.

See all projects by Templario for Amiga.

Visit Templario website.

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RNOArchive 1.0 by jPV^RNO

The developer jPV from RNO group has just made available a new software produced with Hollywood called RNOArchive. It is a graphical interface allowing the management of your archives, it allows the extraction, the modification and the creation of archives.


  • Reads and extracts all archiving formats supported by the XAD system
  • Write and modify support for ZIP and LhA archives
  • Write and modify support for Tar if MorphOS SDK is installed (experimental, but supports Amiga file attributes)
  • Batch extraction for multiple archives
  • Automatic sub-directory creation for batch extracted archives
  • Archive browsing and file viewing
  • Filetype editor for configuring file viewers
  • Intelligent drag & drop support
  • Recursive adding of files/directories
  • Create new directories inside archives
  • Delete files and directories
  • Handles UTF-8 filenames in archives
  • Extensive file selection options


Visit the dedicated webpage on Amiga-Storage.

Visit jPV website.