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Grimorium PDF 2.10 by Templario

Juan Carlos 'Templario' Herran Martin has just released Grimorium PDF, a little program to open documents in PDF format thought to read little files like bills, receipts, blueprints, etc. created in this format and with the help of powerful zoom cans read the small letter even export the pages to graphic format like jpg, lbm, bmp, png, gif.
With the advantage to be a program portable, light and fast besides to be free.
Programmed with Hollywood™ for Windows™ systems, MorphOS™ 2.x-3.x, AmigaOS3.5-3.9™ and AmigaOS4.x™.

Available in the next languages:
Spanish. English. Français. Italiano.

New features v2.10 (11 January 2020):
1. Added support for Italian language.
2. Bugs fixed.

Available here:

See all Amiga Classic projects realized by Templario.

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Ami-Express 5.20 by Darren Coles

Darrren Coles has just released an new version of Ami-Express, the famous BBS (Bulletin Board System) software for Amiga.

Visit the dedicated webpage on Amiga-Storage.

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Picasso96 2.4.4 available

The new Picasso96 version corrects an error when clearing the screen, which showed for example with the program Pagestream when used on a true-colour screen. The Update is free for all customers who have purchased Picasso96 in the past 12 months from us. Downloading the file again from the order history of the user account will deliver the new archive.

Unfortunately, we still have to point out that Cloanto does false advertising for their emulation product, despite a personal promise of the business owner. Buying a Cloanto product never includes a P96 license. If you believed to also purchase a Picasso96 license with the purchase of a Cloanto product, we believe that you can return it for a refund due to a severe legal shortcoming of the product.

source : Individual computers

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AmiSpeedTest 0.6 by Karl Jeacle

Karl Jeacle has just released a new version of his tool named AmiSpeedTest allowing to performs download and upload speed tests to the Internet.

Visit the dedicated webpage on Amiga-Storage.

Visit the dedicated website.

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ComicOn 1.1 by Jörg Renkert

Jörg Renkert has just released a new version of ComicOn, a tool to show comic-strip online.

Visit dedicated webpage on Amiga-Storage.


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Icon.library 46.4.520 available

Peter Keunecke has just released a new version of icon.library. This library has been written completely in optimized ASM code with IconBeFast 2 already built in. It works much faster
now and is also a lot smaller than the original icon.library.

Visit the dedicated webpage on Amiga-Storage.

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IBrowse 2.5 vs NetSurf 3.10 on Amiga 1200 / AmigaOS 3.9

David 'Daff' Brunet has just put online on his website Obligement a comparative between IBrowse 2.5 and NetSurf 3.10 navigators on Amiga 1200 and AmigaOS 3.9 writted by Daniel Reimann.

Read the comparative.

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RiVA 0.54 available

Stephen Fellner and Henryk Richter have just released a new version of RiVA, the famous MPEG player for AmigaClassic and Vampire.

Visit the dedicated webpage on Amiga-Storage.


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MUIMapparium 0.8 by ALB42

Marcus 'ALB42' Sackrow has just released a new version of MUIMapparium, a soft allowing to use maps from OpenStreetMap.

Visit the dedicated webpage on Amiga-Storage.

Visit ALB42 website.

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GoADF! 2.0.2 build 2934 (23.11.2019) released

A new version of GoADF! is available on the official website.

New features:

  • add support for DMS files
  • add support for ADZ files
  • add support for HFE files
  • new module to convert images from HFE/ADZ/ADF/DMS to ADF/ADZ
  • sorting lists in all listviews
  • new configuration options
  • add support for CLI args (e.g. #> GoADF FILE_TO_LOAD.adf)


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