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JoinGUI 1.1 by Papiosaur

Papiosaur has just made available a new version of its first graphical interface named JoinGUI created with the Hollywood programming language.

This interface uses the Join command included in MorphOS. The interface makes it easy to join multiple files in one. For the moment, iso, vob, mp3, png (DualPNG icon) and txt have been joined succesfully. Other formats are probably compatible but not tested. If you know of any, please let me know. The interface uses the Hollywood RapaGUI external module. Versions for AmigaOS3.x, AmigaOS 4.x as well as AROS should be availbale soon.

Others GUI are under study (file conversion, etc...). If you want small specifics projects, don't hesitate to contact me.

Visit the dedicated page on Amiga-Storage.

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RNOTunes 1.1 by jPV^RNO

jPV^RNO has just released a new version of RNOTunes, an audio player supporting many formats : MP3, FLAC, Ogg Vorbis, AAC, AIFF, WAV, Protracker, DigiBooster, SID, AHX, FastTracker II, ScreamTracker, OctaMED, The Player, NoisePacker, ProRunner, Oktalyzer, Impulse Tracker, Ultra Tracker, Ice Tracker, Liquid Tracker, Quadra Composer, etc.

Visit the dedicated webpage on Amiga-Storage.

Visit the jPV^RNO website.

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Grimorium PDF 2.40 by Templario

Juan Carlos 'Templario' Herran Martin has just released a new version of Grimorium PDF, a little program to open documents in PDF format thought to read little files like bills, receipts, blueprints, etc. created in this format and with the help of powerful zoom cans read the small letter even export the pages to graphic format like jpg, lbm, bmp, png, gif.
With the advantage to be a program portable, light and fast besides to be free.
Programmed with Hollywood™ for Windows™ systems, MorphOS™ 2.x-3.x, AmigaOS3.5-3.9™ and AmigaOS4.x™.

Visit the dedicated webpage on Amiga-Storage.

See all project realized by Templario realized for Amiga Classic.

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AnimWebConverter 5.10 by Templario

Juan Carlos 'Templario' Herran Martin has released a new version of AnimWebConverter, a tool realized with the programming langage Hollywood and having the following functions:

- Resizes animations by percentage or pixel (width and height).
- Converts a gif animation to apng and vice versa.
- Changes the speed of the video
- Converts an Amiga * .anim or * .yafa animation to gif or apng formats.
- Extract an image of a video and save it in gif, jpg, lbm, png, bmp, jpeg2000 or tiff.
- Save your videos in mpeg

This tool is available for MorphOS, AmigaOS 4.x and AmigaOS3.x and requires Hollywood plugins.

Go to dedicated webpage on Amiga-Storage.

See all projects realized by Templario for Amiga Classic..

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Pci.library updated by Elbox

Elbox has just updated the pci.library for Mediator extension PCI cards for Amiga 1200, 3000 and 4000.

Visit Elbox website.


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AmiTube 1.4 by Markus Sackrow

Markus 'ALB42' Sackrow has released AmiTube 1.4, a YouTube video player. The original idea for this program is by Michal Bergseth (he proposes an article about AmiTube on his website AmiTopia).

Visit the official webpage.

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Videntium Picta 2.65 by Templario

Juan Carlos 'Templario' Herran Martin has just made available a new version of Videntium Picta, a tool allowing to show and manipulate pictures. This soft has been developped with the last version of programming language Hollywood and need plugins.

Visit dedicated webpage on Amiga-Storage.

See all projects realized by Templario for Amiga.

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AmIRC 3.9 by Henes and Piru

Henes and Piru have just updated the famous AmIRC chat software to version 3.9.

Visit the dedicated website.

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QDock 1.63 by Sami Vehmaa

Sami Vehmaa has just released a new version of his launch bar QDock (YouTube video).

Visit the dedicated webpage.

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Exutil 1.1.3 by Ulrich Beckers

Ulrich Beckers has released a new version of Exutil. This is a tool compiled with last version of programming language Hollywood and allows you to rename images by date based on Exif information or by file date. You can rename images with a common part (by default, Pic_), followed by the date. In addition, the Exif date and time can be written to the comment of each file in case an Exif data structure is found.

Because Exutil retains the file name extension for renaming, you can also use it to rename a batch of files other than images. If the files are images, the program will display the thumbnails of these images.

Visit dedicated webpage on Amiga-Storage.

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