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TinyLauncher 3.56 by Michael Gibs

Michael Gibs has just made available a new version of his frontend TinyLauncher allowing to launch easiest your WHDLoad games, Demos and music modules.

See a video.

Visit dedicated webpage on Amiga-Storage.

Visit Gibs website.

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Roadshow 1.14 available

Roadshow is an Amiga TCP/IP stack allows you to connect to the Internet, access your e-mail, web pages, chat, etc. It can also help you access and exchange files within your local home network.

Roadshow is one of the fastest, if not the fastest Amiga TCP/IP stack. In sustained data transmission tests, Roadshow was able to receive 997 KBytes/s (tested on an Amiga 3000T, using 40 MHz 68040 WarpEngine CPU card and an Ariadne Ethernet card).

Roadshow is compatible with the vast majority of Amiga networking programs which use the AmiTCP program interface, such as OWB, IBrowse, AWeb-II, YAM, SabreMSN, ATC and others.

Roadshow comes with comprehensive documentation, in the form of AmigaGuide files and a printable PDF reference document (more than 100 pages). The reference document covers everything from installation, to configuration files, the shell commands which make up Roadshow, to the individual command and configuration file parameters.

Roadshow includes not only the TCP/IP stack software, but also a firewall. A full set of shell commands to control both is included, as well diagnostic and file transfer commands.

Drivers for PPP networking are included as well, which allow you to connect your Amiga via ADSL modems and serial lines (modem, ISDN, etc.).

For more information about Roadshow, please visit this products the dedicated webpage.

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AMOS Professional AGA (The X Project) release alpha 0.200911 disponible

AMOS Professional AGA (The X Project)

J’ai mis en ligne la première release ALPHA officielle de l’AMOS Professional AGA (The X Project).

Cette version commence à apporter un lot d’améliorations intéressantes concernant le support du chipset AGA dans l’AMOS Professional.

Cependant, quelques points peuvent déjà être mis en avant :

  • La copper list gère maintenant les couleurs AGA en RGB24 complet !!!
  • Load Iff permet de charger des images en tenant compte du mode RGB24.
  • Load Iff peut charger des images HAM8 en tenant compte du mode RGB24
  • La méthode « Double Buffer » et « Screen Swap » fonctionnent dorénavant jusqu’à 8 bitplans. Cela permet de commencer à jouer plus fluidement avec les sprites.
  • Les bobs, icones et sprites gèrent maintenant une palette full RGB24.
  • Les SPack et Unpack gèrent eux aussi une palette full RGB24.
  • Save/Load de banques de sprites, icones, bobs, packed screen (Spack) gèrent eux aussi une palette full RGB24.

Il reste encore pas mal de choses à mettre en place, mais l’AMOS Professional AGA commence à être bien utilisable avec le chipset AGA et peut permettre de commencer à développer des jeux qui peuvent utiliser jusqu’à 256 couleurs en utilisant pleinement l’étendue de la finesse de teintes de la palette AGA.

Lien vers le site officiel du projet :
Lien vers la page GitHub de la release :
Lien vers la vidéo sur le chaine youtube du projet :

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Ami-Express 5.3.2 by Darren Coles

Darren Coles has just released a new version of Ami-Express, a rewrite in Amiga E language of the BBS (electronic newsletter system) management software of the same name originally created by Lightspeed Technologies in the 1990s.

Visit the dedicated webpage on  Amiga-Storage.

Visit the official website.


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MCE 12.1 by James Jacobs

James Jacobs has just made available a new version of MCE, is a user-friendly open source editor of character files, saved games, high score tables, levels and graphics for more 90 games:

Visit the dedicated webpage on Amiga-Storage.

See all James Jacobs projects on Amiga-Storage.

Visit James Jacobs website.

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Tiny Bobble

pink^abyss offers a new port of the famous Bubble Bobble game for Amiga called Tiny Bobble.

This new version greatly improves the game:

  • 50 fps (instead of 25fps)
  • 32 colors (instead of 16)
  • 150 items (instead of 40?)
  • Original screen height of 224 pixel (was only 200 pixel)
  • Almost all sprite animations (had only ~20% of animations)
  • Progress Screen (was not available)
  • Big Enemies every 16th level (was not available)
  • Player Two Join animation (was not available)
  • Animated Extend screen (was not animated)
  • Big Score images (was not available)
  • Single file (needed a disk)
  • Animated intro (no bubbles were available)
  • Animated Boss fight (was a still image)
  • Multiple endings (had only one ending)


Visit the dedicated webpage on Amiga-Storage.

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GoADF! 3.1 build 4911 (28.08.2020) available

Krzysztof Donat has just released a new version of GoADF!.


  • new config window added to select language
  • turkisch catalog (by Oguzhan Oguz) added
  • several bug-fixes


Visit official website.

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REDPILL 0.8, the Amiga game creator

REDPILL is a tool to empower people to create many games for Amiga without programming knowledge. Easy to use and at the same time allow to do complex things. Allows people to create 2D games with the true Amiga feeling! Supports both ECS and AGA Amigas, it is free and it is still in development.

Visit dedicated webpage on Amiga-Storage.

Visit official webpage.

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NetFS-revised 3.0 par OffseT

OffseT has just released a new version of NetFS, an AREXX network file and port sharing system for MorphOS or for Amiga.

It handles all the specifics of MorphOS & Amiga filesystems such as comments and protection bits.

It enables security management with password protection, encryption of data exchanged, and benefits from an asynchronous mechanism for managing the connection in order to avoid freezes and annoying waiting times. It also supports IECLASS events and DOS notifications. Sharing AREXX ports is also possible.

This new version integrates MUI graphical interfaces for preferences, network exploration and pop-up management. All the tools supplied with NetFS are translated into French, English, German and Spanish.

Visit dedicated webpage on Amiga-Storage.



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RNOPublisher 1.0 by jPV

jPV^RNO has just released RNOPublisher 1.0, an easy-to-use PDF publishing program realized with Hollywood for AmigaOS 3.x, AmigaOS4.x, MorphOS et AROS.

Visit the dedicated webpage on Amiga-Storage.

Show all jPV software available on Amiga-Storage.

Visit jPV website.