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Vbcc 0.9g, Vasm 1.8g by Frank Wille

Frank Wille has just made available on his site new versions of Vbcc (0.9g) and Vasm (1.8g).

vbcc is a highly optimizing portable and retargetable ISO C compiler. It supports ISO C according to ISO/IEC 9899:1989 and a subset of the new standard ISO/IEC 9899:1999 (C99).

vasm is a portable and retargetable assembler able to create linkable objects in various formats as well as absolute code. Multiple CPU, syntax and output-modules are supported.

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AMIGASYSTEM has just released a preinstalled software pack for Amiga Classic requiers AmigaOS 3.9 and BoingBall 1, 2, 3 and 4.

See a screenshot.

Visit the dedicated webpage on Amiga-Storage.

Visit the dedicated thread on English Amiga Board.

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Scandoubler / Flicker-Fixer for the Warp 1260

CS-Lab has created a prototype of a scandoubleur/Flicker-Fixer for Warp 1260 accelerator card.

See picture 1, picture 2 and picture 3.

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VintageSongPlayer 2.20 by Templario

Juan Carlos 'Templario' Herran Martin has just released a new version of VintageSongPlayer, an audio player allowing to play mp3, m4a, wav, wma, flac format and Amiga music modules. This software has been developped with Hollywood and need plugins.

See the snapshot realized by AMIGASYSTEM.

Visit the dedicated webpage on MorphOS-Storage.

See all projects realized by Templario.

Visit MorgueSoft website.

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AmigaAMP 3.26 by Thomas Wenzel

Thomas Wenzel has just released a new version of the famous audio player AmigaAMP.

See the snapshot realized by AMIGASYSTEM.

Visit the dedicated webpage on Amiga-Storage.

Se rendre sur le site officiel.

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New version of SysInfo available

Tobias 'Geijer' Geijersson and Nic Wilson have just made available a new version of the famous performance evaluation software for your Amiga, I have named SysInfo which is now version 4.3 in 2019!


  • Identifies APOLLO-Core 68080 CPU/FPU
  • Better hanfling of 68060 CPU/FPU identification
  • Bugfix: 68040 non FPU guru fixed
  • Experimental adf release
  • Documentation in AmigaGuide® format and experimental html


See a snapshot.

Visit the dedicated webpage on Amiga-Storage.

Visit the official website.

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Cooling for Warp 1260

CS-Lab, which created Warp 1260 for Amiga 1200, will offer an optional heat sink to dissipate the heat produced by the 68060 processor, which can be overclocked to 100 MHz in revision 6.


source : Amitopia

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Plugin AHX 1.3 for Hollywood available

Airsoft Softwair is pleased to present a new version of the AHX plugin for Hollywood. Once this plugin is installed, Hollywood will be "automatically" played by AHX modules and HivelyTracker modules. The plugin is based on the HVL2WAV converter written by Xeron / IRIS, the source code is also included.

In addition, a demonstration application performs the reading of an AHX module. This applet can also be run using the free Hollywood player so that people who do not have the full version of Hollywood can also test.

You can download the plugin from the official Hollywood portal or Amiga-Storage. It is available for AmigaOS3 (classic), AmigaOS3 (FPU), AmigaOS4, MorphOS, WarpOS, AROS (Intel), Linux (PowerPC), Linux (Intel), Mac OS (PowerPC), Mac OS (Intel), Windows and Google's Android platform-form.

For more information on HivelyTracker and AHX, visit and


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VidentiumPicta 2.0 by Templario

Juan Carlos 'Templario' Herran Martin has just made available a new version of VidentiumPicta, a tool allowing to show and manipulate pictures. This soft has been developped with the last version of programming language Hollywood and need plugins.

Visit dedicated webpage on Amiga-Storage.

See all projects realized by Templario on Amiga-Storage.

Visit MorgueSoft website.

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Vampire V4 Standalone - Details and Price

Ladies and gentlemen,
I'm very proud and honored to have the opportunity to unveil tonight details regarding Vampire V4 Standalone sales.
As disclosed some weeks ago, first batch will be sold at Amiga 34 directly to people attending the event. Next batches will be sold indirectly only by our resellers listed in our WiKi.
The Vampire V4 Standalone comes in standard with aluminium case, corresponding PSU and shipped with AROS kickstart.
For Amiga 34, a special bundle will be made available with free "give-aways" add-ons like compatible Mouse, compatible Keyboard, CF-Adapter a 32GB CF card and an USB Blaster. Later, resellers will have the opportunity to sell their own bundles.
Terms & conditions

      * Payment will be accepted in cash or via PayPal.
      * Limitation of one unit per person
      * Offer is available until stock remains, even regarding accessories
      * No support is offered on accessories/give-aways
      * Complete warranty terms are available on our WiKi.     

Information regarding current state of the standalone core

      * Ethernet: work is in progress, driver is being written.
      * USB: support for some input devices like USB mice and keyboards. Support for more is in progress. Compatibility list available on WiKi.
      * Joystick : Status support of AMIGA Joy (like Competition Pro)
      * OCS/AGA: Many games and demos work perfectly, but not 100%.
      * Boot drives: boot from IDE/CF, microSD card for data exchange. Bootable microSD is in roadmap.
Price of that special Amiga 34 bundle is 549€
All details are available here: