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Logiciels New version of AmiSSL1papiosaur06.03.23 10:00
LogicielsNew AmigaAMP 3.33 (68k/OS3) (20.12.2022)2Templario24.12.22 12:37
MatérielFermeture des sites AmiGang-Store et MorphOS-Store1Templario23.08.22 11:48
JeuxVends jeu et matériel Amiga0papiosaur01.01.22 15:42
LogicielsUn nouveau pack Ultimate 68k pour AmigaOS 11:52
RaspBerry PiPiMiga 2.0 disponible0papiosaur03.12.21 18:12
JeuxAthanor 20papiosaur15.11.21 22:38
GénéralNouveautés AmiGang-Store0papiosaur10.10.21 21:29
RaspBerry PiUltimate pack for RaspBerry Pi0papiosaur26.09.21 14:57
RaspBerry PiFAQ sur l'émulation Amiga sur RaspBerry Pi0papiosaur29.08.21 20:54
RaspBerry PiComparatif Distros Amiga pour RaspBerry Pi0papiosaur29.08.21 17:53
RaspBerry PiRaspBerry Pi - un nouvel Amiga ?3papiosaur27.08.21 14:58
JeuxExodus: The Last War2Templario25.08.21 12:52
LogicielsHstWB Installer2papiosaur29.05.21 21:40
DemosceneLes meilleures démo Amiga5papiosaur25.03.21 18:47
GénéralLe fun de l'Amiga0papiosaur25.12.20 19:05
GénéralLes perles de l'Amiga sur la toile0papiosaur25.12.20 18:44
Le siteRecherche rédacteurs de news et captures d'écran0papiosaur02.11.20 21:22
MatérielRéception de la V1200 V23papiosaur02.10.20 18:09
Petites annoncesRecherche des captures d'écran pour Amiga-Storage0papiosaur22.03.20 12:00
MatérielNouvelle coque pour Amiga 12001Jeeg30.12.19 18:39
VampireVampire pour 1200 en pré-commande0papiosaur23.12.19 21:47
DéveloppementProjet : AMOS Professional X - Informations WIP5Templario22.11.19 13:32
LogicielsConcours Amiga-Storage1Templario01.10.19 12:53
JeuxLes voyageurs du temps (Future Wars) with WHDLoad - Bug ?6nerumo26.09.19 05:18
GénéralPodcast0Vincent-2118.09.19 13:46
JeuxDevilution X Portage Diablo AmigaOS Standard 1papiosaur08.09.19 13:46
JeuxNouveau jeux pour Amiga Classic en 20192papiosaur03.09.19 20:55
LogicielsIBrowse v2.5 available2Templario02.09.19 09:37
DéveloppementList active developpers3Templario31.08.19 14:05

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AmiKit XE 12 for Raspberry Pi 4/400 available

AmiKit has released version 12.0 of its Workbench distribution AmiKit XE for Raspberry Pi 4/400 (changes) as well as for Windows/Mac/Linux (changes).

In addition to the specific changes, this upgrade brings an improved emulation engine with optimised configuration for better stability, performance and gaming experience. Likewise, AmiKit now offers a new white and dark look. There are three new theme presets.

Epsilon's World introduces the new version of the Workbench distribution in detail in a recent blog entry.

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P96 3.3.3 released

Individual Computers has just released a new update to the P96 graphics driver (formerly Picasso96).

Visit Individual Computers website.

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REDPILL 0.9.17 the Amiga game creator

REDPILL is a tool to empower people to create many games for Amiga without programming knowledge. Easy to use and at the same time allow to do complex things. Allows people to create 2D games with the true Amiga feeling! Supports both ECS and AGA Amigas, it is free and it is still in development.

Visit dedicated webpage on Amiga-Storage.

Visit official webpage.

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AmIRC 3.9 by Henes and Piru

Henes and Piru have just updated the famous AmIRC chat software to version 3.9.

Visit the dedicated website.

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Image2PDF 1.4 by Bernd Assenmacher

Bernd Assenmacher has just released a new version of Image2PDF, a tool to convert JP(E)Gs and PNGs to PDF.

Visit the dedicated webpage on Amiga-Storage.

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LHArchiver 1.8 by Bernd Assenmacher

Bernd Assenmacher has just released a new tool named LHArchiver allowing to create lha archives intuitively, easy and fast.

Visit the dedicated webpage on Amiga-Storage.

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Los Chinos final version by Templario

Juan Carlos 'Templario' Herran Martin has just released his final version of his game Los Chinos, a spanish classic game where you must know the total number of fingers show by you and your opponent.

This game has been realized with the programming language Hollywood.

Visit dedicated webpage on Amiga-Storage.

See all projects by Templario for Amiga.

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QDock 1.63 by Sami Vehmaa

Sami Vehmaa has just released a new version of his launch bar QDock (YouTube video).

Visit the dedicated webpage.

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Exutil 1.1.3 by Ulrich Beckers

Ulrich Beckers has released a new version of Exutil. This is a tool compiled with last version of programming language Hollywood and allows you to rename images by date based on Exif information or by file date. You can rename images with a common part (by default, Pic_), followed by the date. In addition, the Exif date and time can be written to the comment of each file in case an Exif data structure is found.

Because Exutil retains the file name extension for renaming, you can also use it to rename a batch of files other than images. If the files are images, the program will display the thumbnails of these images.

Visit dedicated webpage on Amiga-Storage.

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AmiBerry 5.5 by Dimitris Panokostas

Dimitris Panokostas has just released a new version of AmiBerry, the Amiga classic emulator for RaspBerry Pi.

Visit the dedicated webpage.